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FIFA threaten not to broadcast Women’s World Cup in Britain and major European countries

FIFA president Gianni Infantino has warned that major countries in Europe could miss out on watching the Women’s World Cup.

The broadcasting offers from media organisations in Britain, Spain, Italy, Germany and France were knocked back by FIFA.

Broadcasters from the aforementioned European countries have offered between £800,000 and £8 million for rights to cover the tournament.

Between £80m and £160m were offered for rights to cover the men’s World Cup in Qatar last year.

Infantino reckons their offer is a slap in the face of the players and all women worldwide.

FIFA will opt against giving the five European nations rights to broadcast the competition if improved offers are not received.

The Women’s World Cup will kick off in New Zealand and Australia on July 20, and the time zone on the continents is different from that of Europe.

As a result, matches will be shown outside prime-time viewing hours in Europe.

The time difference is a huge problem for broadcasters, with most matches to be aired around 9-10.00 am in Europe.

Nevertheless, the FIFA president believes it is still a reasonable time for the audience on the continent.

Broadcasters will also put other factors into consideration.

Despite the growing popularity of the women’s game, with Arsenal’s Champions League game with Wolfsburg selling out at the Emirates Stadium last night, there is far less interest in watching international football.

England fans are also unlikely to be keen on watching other countries play, and it remains to be seen whether broadcasters will increase their current offers.

According to a FIFA audit, around 1.12 billion viewers watched the last edition of the Women’s World Cup in France in 2019 across all platforms.

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