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Juventus get 15 points back as appeal comes to fruition

Juventus faced a monumental day in the courtrooms as they partially won the appeal against their recent points deduction, reports La Repubblica.

The Serie A club were punished for financial manipulations with a 15-point deduction in January, throwing their bid to secure another top-four finish into disarray.

However, according to the latest verdict, the record-time Italian champions have received those points back, at least until May, when the final judgement will be made.

It’s still too early for celebration, though. The case will restart near the end of the season, meaning the Bianconeri cannot afford to lean on their current position in the Serie A standings.

Since the penalty is suspended for the time being, Massimiliano Allegri’s men have climbed to third in the table, leaving AC Milan, Roma and Inter Milan behind.

Despite Juventus’ request for complete acquittal based on technicalities, they were unexpectedly aided by the general sports prefect Ugo Taucer, who was representing the prosecution in the absence of the Federal Association during the appeal.

Taucer argued that the evidence to support the charge of disloyalty was insufficient.

Although federal prosecutor Giuseppe Chine had requested a nine-point penalty, the court’s ruling exceeded this request.

Any potential sanction must be significant enough to impact the club’s position according to the bylaws if they are found guilty once again.

The decision may be appealed again, potentially prolonging the trial well into the summer.

Juventus’ massive off-field success should boost the team’s confidence following last weekend’s 1-0 defeat at mid-table Sassuolo.

Allegri’s men face Sporting Lisbon in the return leg of their Europa League quarter-final tie tonight, looking to defend a slender 1-0 aggregate lead after Federico Gatti fired them to victory in Turin last week.

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