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Premier League clubs set to hit fans in the pocket this summer

Premier League fans will be forced to dig deep next season, with season ticket prices set to rise across most of the country (via The Times).

Nine of the 11 Premier League clubs to have announced their rates for the 2023/24 campaign have increased prices – only Brentford and Tottenham Hotspur have frozen them.

Season ticket prices in the top flight have been stable over the past few years, but rising inflation has forced some clubs to reassess their position.

Manchester United have increased their prices for the first time in 11 years, with supporters set to pay five percent more than last season.

West Ham United, who are yet to announce their prices, currently have the cheapest Premier League season ticket at £299.

By comparison, fans of Bundesliga club VfL Wolfsburg are able to purchase a standing season ticket for £128 — the cheapest fee in the German top flight.

Many Premier League clubs rely heavily on matchday income, with some generating more than one-quarter of their total revenue via this route.

Several supporters’ groups have campaigned against price rises, claiming that clubs should not hit fans in the pocket during a cost of living crisis.

The amount of money ploughed into the Premier League by broadcasters and sponsors is cited as another reason why season ticket prices should be frozen.

Some clubs partner with finance providers to allow supporters to spread the cost, although this generally results in them paying even more.

Despite the rising cost of Premier League season tickets, most clubs have excess demand for tickets compared to their stadium capacity.

Some of the limits are self-imposed by the clubs to allow them to take advantage of casual ticket sales.

Arsenal reportedly have a waiting list of five to ten years, while Man United’s is more than 100,000 and only open to members.

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