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Barcelona demand Javier Tebas’ resignation after he submitted false evidence to implicate club

Barcelona have asked La Liga president Javier Tebas to resign after he attempted to implicate the club in wrongdoing.

La Vanguardia claim he submitted false evidence to the public prosecutor in the ongoing Negreira case.

Tebas has since taken to Twitter to defend himself, but the Catalans want him to publicly explain himself.

The La Liga president has regularly tried to frustrate Barca.

He called on the club’s president Joan Laporta to resign in February shortly after the bribery saga started.

Tebas has not done himself any favours with his recent actions.

The Camp Nou club have been forced to react, and Tebas is expected to defend himself.

Barca insist they did not pay for refereeing favours, and the court investigation is ongoing.

Bringing out an old document to smear the club’s name speaks volumes.

Tebas may have just shot himself in the foot, and it will be intriguing to see what happens next.

He is unlikely to heed their call to resign, but he is quickly becoming more divisive with every action.

La Liga have already returned Gavi’s status to that of an academy player after Barca failed to submit the necessary documents on time.

The club plan to go to court again and could seek a legal route to sign players in the summer.

Tebas has claimed Blaugrana must shed €200 million off their wage bill if they want to sign new players.

Both parties have more battles ahead from the look of things, and Barcelona will be keen to win them all.

They will hope they are declared innocent in the corruption case, and Tebas will be watching with keen interest.

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