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Juventus face further allegations of striking secret deals with clubs

Juventus will face further scrutiny after it emerged that they struck secret deals with other clubs to hide massive losses and inflate capital gains, according to Corriere Torino.

The Bianconeri could face further punishment for illegally manipulating their 2022 balance sheet.

The Turin public prosecutor’s office will open a new case against Juventus. This action follows investigative work done by Guardia di Finanza, the Italian financial police.

The prosecutors accuse the Turin club of making secret deals with seven clubs. They did not register all the details of those deals in their books.

The prosecutors believe that Juventus used this trick to hide mountains of debt while inflating the value of their capital gains.

Cagliari, Udinese, Bologna, Atalanta, Sassuolo, Sampdoria and Swiss club Sion are the teams involved.

Juventus recorded deals with the clubs that amounted to €127 million – a whopping €32.8m more than the actual figure.

The public prosecutor’s office possesses an indicting email between chief financial officer Stefano Cerrato and sporting director Federico Cherubin which says Atalanta have a €3m credit with Juventus.

It is unclear what consequences Juventus will suffer over the latest findings. The preliminary hearing for their ongoing Prisma case was moved forward to May 10.

Juventus are still waiting for the result of their appeal against the 15-point deduction they were hit with. The result will be out on April 19.

Despite the deduction, Massimiliano Allegri’s side are now only six points away from Inter Milan in fourth place.

They are also in the quarter-finals of the Europa League, where they will face Sporting CP.

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