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Paulo Dybala set to sue Juventus over unpaid wages

Paulo Dybala will sue his former club Juventus over damages and unpaid salary of around €3.7 million from the 2020/21 season.

Juventus had deferred some wages during the campaign due to their financial struggles.

This news broke out as part of the ongoing Prisma investigation – an enquiry into Juventus’ budgets between 2019 and 2021.

According to the magistrates handling the investigation, Juventus rigged their accounts with fictitious capital gains and salary manoeuvres.

At a hearing on February 21, the player said (via Gazzetta dello Sport): “I don’t remember when my last salary was paid, but I know very well that Juventus still owe me money.

“When we made the agreement for the salary deferral, we knew that if I still had a contract, the back wages would be paid as an increase on the subsequent ones. If I left, they would have to pay me immediately.

“I know that in April 2023, Juventus have the last opportunity to pay those €3 million or so. Otherwise, my lawyer will make requests in writing. Although I hope I won’t go that far.

“I want my money back but without filing any lawsuit, avoiding problems for me and Juventus.”

Dybala’s lawyer Luca Ferrari has already emailed Juventus demanding the money. The club previously told the Argentine international he would receive his money even if he left.

From the uncovered documents of the investigation, the money owed to Dybala went into the 2021/22 budget as a risk fund.

The club’s agreement with Dybala is on paper. The player and club signed it, but Juventus never sent the document to the league.

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