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Chelsea set to knockdown Stamford Bridge for £1.5B rebuild

Chelsea’s new owners, Todd Boehly and the Clearlake Consortium, are set to knock down Stamford Bridge and rebuild the stadium, according to The Telegraph.

They want to rebuild despite the problems they could face. It is the most likely option at the moment.

They plan to tear down the existing structure and build a new home ground. 

However, there is no final decision yet. Chelsea are still holding talks over the £1.5 billion potential rebuild, but they are inching closer to a crucial decision for the club’s future.

Boehly and co-controlling owner Behdad Eghbali want Chelsea to have one of the best stadiums in England and Europe.

The earliest completion time of the new stadium is 2030. That will be the earliest that Chelsea can move into the new structure.

Chelsea board member Jonathan Goldstein is in charge of the project with Janet Marie Smith, the executive vice president of planning and development for the LA Dodgers.

They are both meeting with the Chelsea Pitch Owners (CPO). They are waiting to find out whether a £50 million bid to buy a plot of land next to Stamford Bridge has been successful.

If Chelsea can buy the 1.2-acre site that belongs to the housing association Stoll, it would massively boost any plans to build on the existing site.

It will provide increased space for fan parks and offices. It will also leave enough room for a new state-of-the-art stadium that will hold at least 55,000.

Chelsea’s former owner Roman Abramovich was also leaning towards this option of rebuilding on the current site. He and his team were still figuring out how to finance the project when the sanctions hit. He had to sell the club.

The other stadium options for Chelsea include redeveloping Stamford Bridge (least likely) or moving away to a new home. They would need 75% of the CPO to vote in favour of the latter choice. They likely won’t get those votes.

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