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Football supporters groups criticise ‘targeting’ after Carabao Cup train alcohol ban

Rail company London North Eastern Railway have come under criticism from The Football Supporters’ Association after banning alcohol on trains heading from London to Newcastle on Sunday evening.

Newcastle United will travel to Wembley Stadium to face Manchester United in the Carabao Cup final this weekend. It will be their first final appearance since the 1999 FA Cup final, and an opportunity to win their first major trophy since 1955.

Train service London North Eastern Railway have taken proactive measures to ensure that everything is in order on their trains on the day.

Earlier this week, they announced that services running from London to Newcastle after 7.00 pm would be ‘dry trains’, meaning that no alcohol will be permitted.

The announcement has been met with disapproval from football fans. Many claim the decision is discriminatory and have questioned why similar rules aren’t implemented for other sporting events.

The Football Supporters’ Association have now weighed in on the debate. In response to the news, the organisation said (via Twitter): “We’ve long been opposed to dry trains that target football fans for just being football fans on a day out.

“This move from LNER for the League Cup final won’t achieve much and has completely misread the mood amongst Newcastle fans, which will be celebratory regardless.”

LNER have defended their decision, reiterating that they wish to minimise the risk of anti-social behaviour on their trains.

However, the FSA were not satisfied with the explanation and maintain that the decision was the wrong one.

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