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FFF set date to decide the fate of President Noel Le Graet

FFF set date to decide the fate of President Noel Le Graet

The French Football Federation (FFF) will convene to discuss the fate of President Noel Le Graet on February 28, according to L’Equipe.

Le Graet stepped back from his role as President of the FFF last month, amidst allegations of misconduct, with vice-president Philippe Diallo assuming responsibility as interim president.

Following a government audit into the FFF, 12 members of the federation’s management body have now been invited to decide the fate of their president.

Le Graet’s position has come under scrutiny since allegations of sexual harassment from employees of the FFF first emerged in September last year.

The 81-year-old was accused of sending inappropriate messages to women. Several resigned because they were ‘sexually but also morally harassed’ while others retired due to harassment and bullying.

The FFF were initially scheduled to assemble on Friday to discuss Le Graet’s future. However, several members of the executive committee are reportedly still on vacation.

They could only have participated in the meeting via videoconference, which was not ideal at the time, given the importance of the situation.

Le Graet also wanted the decisive meeting postponed because he intends to meet the members of the executive committee to know their position regarding his future.

His intended meetings have not been finalised but could take place next week if the key figures agree to grant him an audience.

Le Graet is not the only party implicated in misconduct allegations, with FFF director-general Florence Hardouin relieved of her duties following a meeting in Paris.

Hardouin had reportedly said that sexist jokes were part of the ‘folklore of football’ at a seminar in 2016. There are also allegations that she symbolises an alcoholic culture at the FFF.

If Le Graet is removed from his position as president, Diallo could be installed permanently.

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