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Manchester City hire Pannick to fight their case against charges of financial breaches

Manchester City have reportedly hired David Pannick to defend the club against charges brought forward by the Premier League

The EPL has accused the Manchester club of breaching numerous financial rules. The case has recently been referred to an independent commission to determine the outcome. 

The Cityzens could be expelled from the Premier League or face a points deduction if the allegations are proven. 

According to The Lawyer, City have hired Pannick to defend the club against more than 100 charges of breaching financial rules. 

The top lawyer will be up against Adam Lewis KC in what will be one of the biggest sports law battles in history. 

Pannick, who recently advised Boris Johnson about the Partygate enquiry, could earn around £80,000 per day for his services to the club. 

City will not be expelled from the Premier League

Expulsion from the Premier League would be the most severe form of punishment for City. 

However, we don’t believe that will happen. They were previously charged with breaching financial rules, with the club banned from the Champions League for two seasons. 

The decision was overturned after they appealed at the Court of Arbitration, with the club only having to pay a find. 

City have taken the matter very seriously and will fight a tough legal battle by hiring one of the best lawyers around.

The most likely punishment will be a heavy fine.

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