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Charlton wary of potential takeover by former Sunderland co-owner Charlie Methven

Charlton Athletics are bracing themselves for a potential £10 million takeover bid from former Sunderland co-owner Charlie Methven.

However, Sunderland fans have warned the League One club of the dangers of Methven’s leadership (via The News).

Sunderland fans did not enjoy Methven’s ownership, and many detested his time at the club. They have not hidden their feelings.

When he first arrived in 2018, he charmed them with his public relations knowledge. He engaged with fans at the Colliery Tavern, a local pub across the road from the Stadium of Light.

However, after Sunderland lost the 2019 League One play-offs, ironically to Charlton, it became clear that Methven wanted to sell the club to Mark Campbell.

The deal did not go through, but the desire to sell to Campbell was a red flag, with sexual misconduct allegations hanging over the head of the investor.

Methven wanted to sell a Championship club for a quick buck, but now he had a League One club that would not bring any profit.

While he said the club needed to try for the Championship again, he started selling club assets. He did not invest in the club to back the expectation he set for others.

Methven was later caught trying to secure a loan for Sunderland from FPP, a billionaire group led by computing giant Michael Dell.

The initial story claimed FPP would invest in the club, but fans soon found out it was a loan under unfavourable terms.

Methven complained when the deal collapsed and implied that more educated fans would not question the loan. He also called fans parasites when attendance numbers dropped.

He ran Sunderland for four controversial years alongside Stewart Donald. They both sold their shares last year.

Methven could take over Charlton for SE7 Partners. They will get money from an American investor, with the 46-year-old fronting the swoop.

If the takeover bid is successful, Methven will join some familiar faces. Jim Rodwell, Charlton’s current CEO, was a partner of the former journalist while at Sunderland.

Ed Warwick, the south London club’s current financial director, was also a former partner with the Black Cats.

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