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The richest clubs to manage in Football Manager

If you love playing Football Manager, you will know just how thrilling it is to be handed a bumper transfer budget by your club’s board.

Taking charge of the richest football clubs is no easy task, with their wealth bringing the added pressure of needing to be successful.

While clubs such as Real Madrid and Barcelona are at the top of the rich list in terms of valuation, it does not necessarily follow that they will splash the cash in the transfer market.

With that in mind, we look at the previous edition of the game to determine which will be the richest clubs to manage in Football Manager 2023.

Newcastle United

One of the new features in FM 2023 is likely to be an improved transfer system, and Newcastle United could be the club that benefits the most.

The newly-minted Magpies had a £200 million transfer budget in FM 2022, and it would be no surprise to see that figure increase in the new game.

While the quality of Newcastle’s current squad lags behind their Premier League rivals, their transfer kitty will give you plenty of scope to make improvements.

Manchester City

Manchester City had a £100m transfer budget last time around, and we expect to see them have a similar figure when FM 2023 is launched.

Their star-studded squad probably does not need much improvement, although FM managers may feel there are areas which can be tweaked.

Making the right decision could be the difference between success and failure in the Champions League – are you up to the task?

Real Madrid

Madrid are top of the list of the richest clubs in football and will likely have a healthy transfer kitty to spend in FM 2023.

Their budget was more than £51m in FM 2022, and on-field success last season means managers may have more to play with in the new game.

With a top-class squad already in place, do you splash the cash or keep your powder dry and use the budget further down the line?

Paris Saint-Germain

PSG had a transfer budget of more than £38m in FM 2022, and we anticipate this figure will be a little higher when the new game comes out.

While winning Ligue 1 should be pretty easy given the resources at their disposal, success in the Champions League is not guaranteed.

Signing another superstar may not be the answer to a riddle that PSG have been unable to resolve on the biggest stage in club football.

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