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‘The Super League no longer exists’ – UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin insists

UEFA President insists the European Super League no longer exists

Rumours of the banished European Super League (ESL) have resurfaced despite most of the football world revolting at the idea back in April 2021.

The driving force behind the scheme, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, has reportedly not given up on the shunned project and believes it will return sometime in the future.

Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos claimed last month that the idea still exists and has been in operation for a long time. He also claimed it would come but did not know when.

Speaking at the 84th AIPS congress (via Di Marzio), UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin insisted that the ESL no longer existed and there was no point talking about it any further.

Ceferin said: “We have talked about this for too long. For me, it does not exist. It does not exist anymore. 

“They told me what happened yesterday, and his words show once again that the idea is to close everything and make sure that we do not play against the minor clubs.

“Thus, the whole European model should change. This idea deserves no further comment. There would be big differences between poor and rich clubs. There would be no balance.”

Ceferin, who has been UEFA president since September 2016, also took the opportunity to reveal his intention for possible re-election next April in Lisbon.

“It seems that I will be the only candidate,” he added. “They don’t want me to leave. I have already received 55 letters of support. It would be strange if I didn’t reapply.”

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