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Football Manager 2023: New features and improvements

There are still more than five months to go before the release date, but many people are already wondering what Football Manager 2023 will look like.

While there were plenty of new features in the latest edition of the iconic game, developers Sports Interactive are always eager to keep pushing the boundaries.

With that in mind, we assess some of the exciting new features and improvements that could be included in FM 2023.

Improved Matchday Experience

SI staff have frequently used the ‘authenticity’ when discussing the game and we anticipate this will be seen in the overall matchday experience.

The new player animation engine in FM 2022 was a huge leap forward, but there is still plenty of scope for this element to be pushed much further.

The introduction of increasingly fluid tactical systems is another development we may see as SI seek to mirror what is happening in football right now.

Women’s Football

Studio director Miles Jacobson has already confirmed women’s football will be added to the game, although it is unclear whether it will be this year.

There have been rumours the women’s game included for the first time in 2023, but SI are unlikely to take the plunge unless they are certain they have the necessary data available.

The differences between how men and women play football will also need to be closely considered, which may make inclusion in this year’s game difficult to achieve.

Transfer System Tweaks

The transfer system in FM 2022 is not without flaws, particularly when it comes to other clubs making a bid for your players.

Offers significantly below the asking price are commonplace, which generally leads to the player in question becoming extremely unsettled.

By contrast, attempting the same tactic when bidding for other players rarely has an impact on their mentality, thus tipping the scales in favour of opposing clubs.

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