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Premier League confirm dates for 2022/23 campaign with mid-season break for FIFA World Cup

The Premier League have confirmed dates for the 2022/23 campaign with a significant change in their usual domestic calendar because of the FIFA World Cup.

The schedule have been adjusted due to the extreme heat and humidity levels in Qatar. Instead of the summer, the World Cup will be played between November 21 and December 18.

As a result of this, the Premier League campaign will start on August 6. There will be 16 matchdays between August and the second week of November, ending on the 13th.

The players will then join their respective teams for the World Cup. Following the final on December 18, there will be a one-week gap before the season resumes on Boxing Day.

With a much-changed schedule, the fixtures will be cramped. Generally, only 11 matchdays are completed by the second week of November, but there will be five additional ones.

The season is expected to end on May 28, with the final set of games played simultaneously as always. There will be 20 matchdays conducted following the turn of the year.

There will be a standalone FA Cup final weekend on June 3 before the Champions League final one week later. The other European finals should be played in between those fixtures.

A World Cup in between a season appears far from ideal as there could be a risk of injuries with players trying to give their utmost for their respective nations at the tournament.

However, that is how it will be next year. A gap of six weeks is significant midway through the campaign. It may benefit clubs that have a lesser number of representatives at the World Cup.

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